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I've always been passionate about good government and how it informs and inspires confidence in a community’s ability to move itself forward. It’s not easy and it’s not a given – but when good people are committed to doing good work, the communication is clear, planning is intentional, residents are engaged, community is built, and a city is prepared to face the future.

It’s what I’ve spent my career doing – creating good public policy that supports the needs of our families and businesses, and then builds community by fostering connections and strengthening collaboration. I grew up on our family farm. My mom was a rural letter carrier, active in her union and community, who remarried a sixth-generation family farmer. My dad was an engineer for Honda who remarried a school nurse. In our small town, the community was just as invested in your future as your own family was – with pride for your accomplishments and hope that those community values would follow you wherever you may go.

I attended Capital University, served as Student Government President, interned for my political hero – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public administration. At Capital I also met the person who would change my life forever – my wife, Lea. We committed to building community together and have served Central Ohio with our time, talents, and treasure.

My passion for community building led me to local government, where I served the residents of Franklin County for more than a decade - working with our Board of Commissioners to advance an agenda designed to lift families, create living wage jobs, provide high quality childcare, build affordable housing, invest in local businesses, and move us forward as a community committed to advancing racial equity and ending disparities in all areas.

Eventually I was asked to lead digital media and communications for the Franklin County Board of Commissioners – regularly engaging with our more than 1.3 million residents through multiple mediums and meeting people where they were. After more than a decade of public service, I was recruited to serve in the senior leadership of a national nonprofit membership and advocacy organization supporting those working in affordable housing.

Lea and I moved to Gahanna after we had our daughter, Hildy, because we wanted her to grow up in a city that values every resident, surrounds them with the support they need to thrive, and connects us together as a community for all. 

That’s my commitment to her and to you.


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