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“Our job is to envision a future Gahanna with the resources, infrastructure, and government that supports a community for all.
And I have a good government game plan that will get us there.

 - Ross Goldsmith


The next decade will determine the future of growth and opportunity in Gahanna – we need an ambitious vision that supports our families, encourages investment in our infrastructure, and builds a community for all.

We need a game plan.

Our strategy will put the well-being of our residents and our city at the heart of everything we do. It requires good ideas, good work, and good government.
Envision A Better Future For Our Neighbors


We need a vision for our community that welcomes everyone.


It’s the job of city government to encourage community dialogue around our community's future. City Hall needs to be transparent, persistent, and creative in its pursuit of input from our residents about what they need, what they want, and what they believe is best for Gahanna. City leaders must meet our residents where they are - and work to gain their trust, their confidence, and their respect through hard work and constant communication. 


As your city councilmember, I will always prioritize the health, safety, mobility, equity, and environment of our community. I've spent more than a decade leading conversations around community building and creating successful public policy with these values at the core of everything I've done - and I'll continue this work for all our neighbors. 

Invest in Opportunity

We must focus on creating a sustainable future for all our residents.

Decades of disinvestment by successive administrations have left Gahanna at a disadvantage and scrambling to catch-up as our region continues to flourish.


We can’t grow in Gahanna without investment in the necessary infrastructure, housing, sidewalks, and streets our businesses need to succeed, our residents need to live, and our city needs to thrive. City Council must continuously demonstrate its understanding of how valuable Issue 12 dollars are - and ensure they are always being used for our families, for our future, and for Gahanna. Our zoning code needs updated to reflect the 21st century - while also positioning and protecting Gahanna's future development. 


As your city councilmember, I promise to bring an intentional, equitable commitment to planning that enhances our family-friendly community and positions Gahanna for a brighter future. I've spent years at the crux of regional economic development, land-use policy, and zoning codes - I'll use my knowledge, skills, and relationships to ensure Gahanna is poised to take advantage of all our future has to offer.

Build A Community For All


We will build a community that encourages, connects, and supports a Gahanna for all.

Gahanna families have built a strong community - whether it's in your neighborhood, through your PTO, among businesses and nonprofits, places of worship, or even with your own family and friends. Your community is what you choose to surround yourself with and how you purposely connect with other individuals, institutions, and ideas.


As your city councilmember, I will work to ensure good government is a partner in creating the space to foster those connections and meet people where they are. As a communications professional, I know the burden is on government to reach our residents - and the difference between good government and what we have - is the distance we are willing to go to meet, listen, & show-up for the residents of Gahanna.

Let's Get To Work!
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